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AIM is dedicated to the empowerment and development of young athletes in a positive Christ-centered environment. Our training focuses on skill, character, and leadership development. We are committed to developing standout players and leaders.

1. Skill development
  • Mastery of the basic fundamentals of sports
  • Learning new skills to grow your game
  • Developing positive habits
  • Integrate skills and habits into competitive, game-like situations
2. Character development
  • Teach the value of hard-work and how to do it
  • Teach the value of goal setting and how to do it
  • Teach the value of being mentally tough and how to do it
  • Teach the value of being coach-able and how to do it
3. Leadership development
  • How to inspire and uplift teammates
  • How to communicate effectively with teammates and coaches
  • How to be positive and have a selfless attitude
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AIM Sports Academy
Phone: (559) 393-3532
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