AIM is dedicated to the empowerment and development of young athletes in a positive Christ-centered environment. Our training focuses on skill, character, and leadership development. We are committed to developing standout players and leaders.

1. Skill development

  • Mastery of the basic fundamentals of sport
  • Learning new skills to grow your game
  • Developing positive habits
  • Integrate skills and habits into competitive, game-like situations.

2. Character development

  • Teach the value of hard-work and how to do it
  • Teach the value of goal setting and how to do it
  • Teach the value of being mentally tough and how to do it
  • Teach the value of being coach-able and how to do it

3. Leadership development

  • How to inspire and uplift teammates
  • How to communicate effectively with teammates and coaches
  • How to be positive and have a selfless attitude

Youth travel basketball teams are now being formed. All teams are $125 per player. The price includes all gear and tournament entry fees.

Practices will be held at Immanuel High School in Reedley. Practices will start at the beginning of March and games will begin in April.

We are forming the following basketball teams:

1st-3rd Grade Girls: $125/player
4th-6th Grade Girls: $125/player
7th-8th Grade Girls: $125/player